Assess the Basics

It’s initially important to determine exactly what you need your fence to do: keep things in, keep things out, provide privacy or security, screen views or provide walls for your garden room. Next, study both the style of your home and the topography of your land to determine the best style of fence for your particular situation.

Vertical Black Metal Fence

This traditional style of fence, made of aluminum, is a go-to choice for much of the East Coast. It creates a polite and proper boundary, keeps most creatures in or out, and allows for passersby to view the home and garden.

When to use: A vertical metal fence is appropriate in front of a multistory home, as it raises the eye to see the entire dwelling. When painted a dark or vibrant color, it then pulls the eye back down and grounds the vignette. A lush green planting palette with perhaps just a hint of color finishes the elegant scheme without detracting from each architectural element.

When not to use: This type of fence would fight against a low, single-story home, especially if the dwelling had pronounced horizontal lines in the facade.

Points to consider: Metal fencing comes in many different styles, from Victorian to contemporary, so be sure to match the fencing style to your home’s style. Since most fences of this type are painted black, you can go as bold or as safe as you prefer with your planting scheme.

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