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If you are in the market to purchase a new home you have probably been advised to get a home inspection before making a commitment and signing on the dotted line. A home inspection generally takes care of the property both inside and out but have you ever thought about getting the grounds that surround your potential purchase inspected? Or more specifically the trees; especially if they are in close proximity to the home? Imagine your dismay if you were to purchase a home only to have a large tree fall through the roof a few months later. Or finding that the beautiful old oak tree that you just adore is diseased and will cost thousands to remove. Unfortunately most home buyers overlook the stability and health of the trees during the negotiations but it’s always prudent to keep in mind that most home buyers contemplate owning a home for many years so the more knowledge you can acquire before the purchase the better the long term outcome.

A tree inspection can be performed by your knowledgeable Super Trim Outdoors professional. Your trees will be inspected for hazards or sickness including:

• Dead or cracked branches

• Trees that severely leaning

• Rotting roots or truck decay

• Insect attacks

• Fungal infections

Should your experienced Super Trim Outdoors tree technician finds anything of concern, a comprehensive plan of action will be provided that will include recommendations such as:

• Deadwooding – trimming dead or decayed branches

• Cabling – installing a support to stabilize large sections of a tree

• Tree removal

For more information on tree inspections or other services such as tree trimming and removal, contact Super Trim Outdoors today regarding the health and well-being of your trees in Central Florida.

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